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Speaking Engagements

The Moderna Story

Ander lead Digital Transformation at Moderna from 2015 through the Covid Pandemic. Since then he has worked with many high growth and highly successful companies including 8 of the 10 highest funded biotech companies of the past 5 years as well as hospital and insurance companies, construction companies, higher education, and the energy sector. 


He combines personal stories with deep subject matter expertise in how to truly leverage technology to achieve success. 

Topics Include:

Digital Transformation - what it really means, and how to use it

AI/ML and ChatGPT - impacts on enterprise technology and efficiency

The "Bottom Up" revolution - how "no code" is the next wave of software

Integration & Automation - the key to unlocking SaaS value

Tech in Life Sciences - How will technology rebuild drug development

If there is a different topic you are interested in please reach out.

The Process of Booking Me

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"Did you ever think about writing down what you do? These 'Ander-isms,' you could turn it into a book"

CIO Memorial Sloan Kettering

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